A Boston-based start-up challenged the industry giants with a simple model: take just 99¢ of a driver’s fare instead of over 30%—so riders pay less and drivers make more.


Free rides from 12-3am rescued Bostonians when public transit ended late night service and Uber and Lyft’s surge prices skyrocketed. 

Fasten opened (car) doors in Austin after Uber and Lyft left the city limits—and over 10,000 drivers without a job. Why would they bail? Austinites elected to support an ordinance requiring drivers to get fingerprint background checks like cabbies were doing already.

SXSWorld magazine
An ad in a mag given to all SXSW registrants in their welcome bag.

They came back a year later; we made this billboard.

A little treat (or trick) for riders on 10/31. Click it. 

Radio campaign
Insight: Being stuck somewhere sucks when your mind is in another place.
Solution: A few :15s aligning Fasten with lingo for getting where you want to go.
There’s also a Spanish version, porque también puedo escribir un poco en español.

The iconic Boston statue below typically has a president on it.
Hint: his last name isn’t Bush.


Targeting drivers.

Targeting riders. 
Okay okay, this concept was left on the cutting room floor.